Two Types of Profit

When starting your own small business, you can receive two types of profit: financial income and psychic income. When a person receives both financial income and psychic income you can say they are “happy campers” – most wealth is created through the development of successful business ideas.

As studies indicate, most people who own successful businesses achieve a greater income than salaried employees. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, they can hire people to help them make more money for their business using the principle of leveraging. Second, they can sell their turnkey business for a multiple of cash flow.

How can a salaried employee sell their position? They can’t…and the only things they can hope for are retirement benefits, which will continue to undergo many modifications in the future.

The second type of profit comes from psychic income which to some people may be more important than actual financial income. How many people go to work everyday to receive a paycheck but really do not like what they do? And how many people go to work, making a good income but become “trapped” in the corporate world and cannot leave…they have “golden handcuffs.”

If you study what makes people truly happy, you will find that financial income by itself is not the answer. Happiness is created by our thoughts and our ability to be truly “in touch with ourselves” and to use and share our God-given talents. Former president Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Happiness is not the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of the creative effort.”

As you will discover, by starting and owning a successful turnkey business you can achieve a rare balance in your life…both financial income and psychic income. You have the opportunity…now use the top business ideas available to capture it!