Driving Profit Services

For starting your own small business Driving Profit offers a selection of tools to build the business that everyone aspires to have…and most are work from home jobs & opportunities.

BOOK –“Driving Profit –Start A Business Service and Win”

  • This book is the backbone of the “Driving Profit” model for helping people start their own businesses. The readers should find the book to be pragmatic and to provide the spark and inspiration to embark on the journey of starting their own turnkey business. The core element of the book is the value and future potential of starting a specialized business service and provides solid ideas for what type of business to start. A business service, based upon work from home ideas, has a number of real and distinct advantages, to include…low startup and operational costs, potentially high profit margins, and capitalizing on the outsourcing trend that is transforming the way we do business today and will continue well into the future.
  • SEMINARS –The second tool in the Driving Profit toolbox is our Seminar Program. The book provides the structure for steps to starting a business. What you will learn from this seminar program will be some basic ingredients for your business success…to include setting precise goals, choosing the right turnkey business model that matches your strengths with the right markets, and writing a business and marketing plan to help you build sustainable profit for your new business.
  • DRIVING PROFIT TEAM RESOURCES –Our Resource Team consists of business experts who can provide new business owners with specialized advice and consultative services. The Resource Team will provide outsourced services to business startups as well as ongoing support to help the business owners reach their goals. This strategy will be based upon the top business ideas and what business to start.
  • E-LEARNING COURSE –Our E-learning course, or distance learning, will be available to anyone throughout the world as a way to achieve new successful business knowledge, anywhere, anytime. Almost 90% of all colleges offer distance learning courses—with half of them offering accredited degrees through the internet. E-learning is a proven method of learning. Our modules will provide additional skills and techniques to help you launch your new turnkey business and achieve sustainable profit based upon writing a business plan for your success.